Mimi Water-Friendly Sandal


SKU : AE214W


แบรนด์ : AETREX


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Mimi Water-Friendly SandalProduct SKU: AE210W
Slip on the Mimi and feel aligned, comfortable and support – it is that easy! This lightweight slip on sandal also features a water-friendly construction making it perfect for the beach or the pool.

The Aetrex Cobra Orthotic System is Built-In to every pair:

Arch support helps to stabilize and align feet
Arch support helps to relieve common foot pain & plantar fasciitis
Support pod to help relieve forefoot pressure
UltraSky™ EVA foam to cushion and provide superior comfort
Contoured rearfoot to craddle your heel and relieve pressure

Adjustability: Fully adjustable hook and loop closure for customized fit
Upper Material: Synthetic Leather
Midsole Material: Light-weight UltraSky™ EVA foam for comfort & durability
Extreme cushioning and shock absorption to help prevent injury and provide unmatched support
Removable Insole: None
Heel Height: 1.187"


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