Jules Water-Friendly Thong


SKU : AE503W



The Jules is an upgraded flip-flop style with ornate rhinestone embellishments for a more feminine look. With superior comfort and support features like our Aetrex Cobra Orthotic Technology built into the foot bed, this summer style is perfect for long walks on the beach.


The Aetrex Cobra Orthotic System is Built-In to every pair:

-Arch support helps to stabilize and align feet
-Arch support helps relieve common foot pain & plantar fasciitis
-Support pod to help relieve forefoot pressure
-UltraSky™ EVA foam to cushion and provide superior comfort
-Contoured rearfoot to craddle your heel and relieve pressure


-Metatarsal support to help reduce ball-of-foot discomfort
-Extreme cushioning and shock absorption to help prevent injury and provide unmatched support
-Material: Light-weight UltraSky™ EVA
-Removable Insole: None
-Heel Height: 1"

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