Maxine Padded Winter Boot


SKU : BB280W



Fully lined with ultra-soft faux fur & waterproof neoprene for the ultimate weather-proof boot. With slip-resistant outsoles & stretchy, flexible material, this boot will keep your feet warm and dry in both the cold & the rain. PLUS, this boot has the built-in Lynco ® orthotic support and memory foam cushioning we promise in each shoe.


-Helps properly align your knees, hips and back with built in Aetrex orthotic support
-Customizes to your foot with slow recovery memory foam cushioning
-Prevents odor and bacteria growth with anti-microbial technology
-Waterproof Boots with neoprene linings for stretch and insulation
-Fully lined with faux fur
-Padded comfy collar
-Slip resistant outsole

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