SKU : SB104W


แบรนด์ : AETREX


The Daphne, casual sneaker, features a built in Lynco® orthotic to provide proper arch support, balance and alignment. The light weight EVA bottom slows down fatigue on your feet by making your steps feel lighter. This shoe is the perfect athleisure style that can be worn whether you are running on a treadmill or running errands.


Product Details

-Helps properly align your knees, hips and back with built in Aetrex orthotic support
-Customizes to your foot with slow recovery memory foam cushioning
-Prevents odor and bacteria growth with anti-microbial technology
-Reduces foot fatigue with lightweight EVA bottom
-Built in traction + stability with a rubber outsole
-Prevents blisters with a padded tongue and heel

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