Rita Adjustable Thong Sandal


SKU : AE800W



The Rita Thong Sandal, part of our Active Sandal Collection, feature unique colors and patterns and an UltraSky™ EVA foam foundation to provide all-day comfort and support. Easy to clean and wear, this water-friendly sandal is perfect for vacations getaways, relaxing weekends or an evening out with friends!

The Aetrex Cobra Orthotic System is Built-In to every pair:

-Arch support helps to stabilize and align feet
-Arch support helps relieve common foot pain & plantar fasciitis
-Support pod to help relieve forefoot pressure
-UltraSky™ EVA foam to cushion and provide superior comfort
-Contoured rearfoot to craddle your heel and relieve pressure


-Adjustability: Hook and loop closures
-Upper Material: Synthetic Leather
-Midsole Material: Light-weight UltraSky™ EVA foam for comfort & durability
-Extreme cushioning and shock absorption to help prevent injury and provide unmatched support
-Removable Insole: None
-Heel Height: 1"


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